About WSO

About WSO

The World Stroke Organization is the only global body solely focused on stroke.

It was established in October 2006 through the merger of the International Stroke Society and the World Stroke Federation with the purpose of ensuring a life free from stroke. With around 4000 individual and 90 society members spanning every global region, WSO represents over 55,000 stroke specialists in clinical, research and community settings.

The WSO exists for and is dedicated to the following purposes:

  • To promote research in all aspects of stroke
  • To develop and promote public policy
  • To develop and promote professional and public education
  • To develop and promote other appropriate activities such as fundraising and prevention programmes
  • To develop, promote, and coordinate international programmes through national/regional organizations
  • To assist with and encourage programmes when requested by an individual national/regional organization
  • To advise and guide on fundraising skills in order that national foundations and societies are enabled to finance a greater level and range of activities
  • To participate in, and promote programmes for regional and world congresses
  • To foster the development of an international communications system by encouraging the regional activities of organizations, stroke networks, foundations and organizations, as they operate within the goals and objectives of the Organization.

Visit the WSO Website: https://www.world-stroke.org/